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Luxury Crate Mattress Review $79 (S) - $179 (XXL)

Luxury Crate Mattress Review

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Quality
  • Comfort

Picture this: 2 inches of foam insert, an inch of high-loft, cushy fiber and an extremely cute cover. What do you have? A crate mattress fit for a king (or queen!).

The Bowsers Luxury Crate Mattress is extremely high-quality and durable. This mattress has stood up to a TON of abuse and use here at Working Dogs Win. We used it not only in a crate, but also to teach the “place” command and as an every day bed. It easily survived the house breaking of a stubborn Aussie puppy. Clean-up was a snap: I hosed it off and let it dry outside.

It comes in 18 different fabric and color selections to suit every home and decor. It’s sized by crates but it goes from a very small crate (suitable for a 10 pound dog) to the Giant Vari-kennel sized crates (suitable for a Great Dane). This bed isn’t cheap. The smallest size is close to $60 and the largest, $138. While extremely high quality, the dogs didn’t really seem to care if it were there or not. If the Bowsers Crate Mattress were swapped out for a different crate pad, the dogs still crated just as readily. When the mattress was used as an every day bed, the dogs avoided it for the snuggle balls and Dolgi Donut beds, even though those beds were all less expensive. When used for the “place” command, the dog’s didn’t really care WHAT the place was. Long story short, it’s a really nice bed but it’s very expensive. For those that want an expensive, high-quality bed, the Bowser’s Crate Mattress might be for you. For everyone else, there’s going to be another option.

I do wish that this bed hadn’t shipped with such a large tag on it. My Aussie and APBT would grab the tag and drag the bed around. I’ve noticed this behavior occuring with other beds, too. If there’s not a tag (or the tag gets cut off), then they leave the bed alone and use it for its intended purpose.

All in all, I’d rate this at a 3 out 5. It’s pretty and it helps spruce up a crate but it’s very expensive and the dogs could really care less either way.

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